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I am so thankful to Dr. Sunil and his team at Talasila super speciality dental hospital. They showed utmost care for not only my teeth, but for my comfort and peace of mind as well. I've always been deathly afraid of the dentist due to negative experiences in the past and had neglected going for way too long! However, after having such a positive experience with Dr. Sunil I will be sure to go regularly for my check-ups. His calls to see how I was doing after big appointments were a much-appreciated gesture of the concern these people have for their patients. I couldn't be more pleased with my experience!" The entire staff are professional, qualified and they make it an excellent experience. I am very happy to choose Talasila super speciality dental hospital to have such major work performed. I would recommend Talasila super speciality dental hospital to my close friends.

I was received cordially and treated with utmost care when I visited Talasila super speciality dental hospital for my root canal treatment, which is one among the delicate treatments, handled so professionally to my fullest satisfaction.

I enjoyed the visits to Dr. Sunil's Talasila super speciality dental hospital located at Gajuwaka. Our family have been undergoing quality treatment from him for the last 5 yrs now. I had the occasion to visit the clinic 4 times and I was put totally at ease and relaxed. I was never exposed to any pushy sales pitch, just good sound advise and a very caring and professional treatment process. I was clearly informed of my treatment options and was always given every consideration regarding my comfort and my budget.Very happy indeed with the treatment and the manner we were treated . We highly recommend him .

"Dr. Sunil and his staff were wonderful in dental treatment. They made it very comfortable for me even though they were working on my lower last tooth, which was difficult for them :-). Dr. Sunil was quick and efficient and took away my fear of going to the dentist. Thanking the whole team for the extra care; I recommend him highly.

"Excellent treatment. Done quickly and without pain and at a very reasonable cost. Thank you"

Having decided I needed extensive dental work, I set out to find a suitable clinic at affordable prices. After much surfing the web, I finally chose “Talasila super speciality dental hospital ” and sent an enquiry email. I had a reply within 24 hours.

We continued to correspond for a number of months. I had also sent a copy of my dental records from my regular dentist.

An interim quotation was sent based on those records. They also phoned me to explain in layman terms what the quotation consisted of and why. For that I was very grateful and my mind set at ease.

The first appointment was a checkup and Look See. We then talked about the best way to deal with my complete dental restoration.

After agreement, the treatment began the next day. I have had 4 bridges made and 14 teeth crowned with non metal ceramic crowns as I have a metal allergy. The treatment took place over a period of 21 days to ensure there was enough time to do all the trials before a final placement and fitting.

I felt much care and attention was given to me and on a scale of 1-10 the pain level I would mark at 2. The whole process was easier and more gentle than I could have expected (We all know how traumatic dental work can be!). I am very happy with the results. I have no hesitation in recommending "Talasila super speciality dental hospital" to anyone needing any type of dental treatment.